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Re: Proposing a new source control header to link to upstream BTSs

Ralf Treinen wrote:
I do not think that automatically forwarding bugs would be a good idea.
Right now it is a pain to forward a bug, say to a sourceforge bug report, because it involves several steps:

  1. Log into sourceforge
  2. Create bug report, copy link to Debian bug report into it.
  3. Send message to Debian bug report stating that the bug report has
     been forwarded.
  4. Send email to control@bugs.debian.org marking the bug as forwarded.
  5. Wait for response (seems to take ages), fix any errors that
     occurred, go back to step 4.

Generally, I always seem to find new and exciting ways of stuffing up step 4 (e.g. linking to wrong sourceforge bug, using "forward" instead of "forwarded", sending mail to control@debian.org.au, etc), which just prolongs the entire task and makes it more tedious.

It would be good if this process could be automated, however I suspect this header is not the solution.

Brian May.

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