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Re: apt-get and SOCKS

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Patrick Matthäi]
>> is there any reason to encrypt your traffic on downloading packages?
>> I think this will only cause more traffic and cpu overhead on the
>> mirrors instead of help anything.
> I took is request to ask for SOCKS support, not encrypted connections.
> I know that I've used the SOCKS feature of OpenSSH some times to get
> out of a network with limited accessibility, and being able to use
> apt-get (or aptitude) with such network tunnel would be useful in such
> setting.

I also setup tunnel (ssh -L ...  + wwwoffle on the other end + http_proxy)
for apt. The goal is not to encrypt the flow but to jump thru restricted
firewalls (only outgoing ssh connection and even not everywhere).
Adding support for SOCKS would avoid the need of wwwoffle in these cases.

  Best regards,

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