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Re: package upload rejected - no email

On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 01:11:55PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote......
> $ cat /srv/ftp.debian.org/queue/reject/rhinote_0.7.0-2_i386.reason 
> Rejected: md5sum and/or size mismatch on existing copy of rhinote_0.7.0.orig.tar.gz.
> Rejected: can not overwrite existing copy of 'rhinote_0.7.0.orig.tar.gz' already in the archive.
> $
> The .reason files are all world-readable.

Yes, I just figured this out. Thanks.

But now another question: The maintainer for the package I'm about
to sponsor previously had some other DD upload the original version.
In that upload, the md5sum between upstream's source tar.gz and
Debian's .orig.tar.gz did not match.

So I attempted to correct that by building this newer version with
dpkg-buildpackage -sa to force inclusion of the now correct
.orig.tar.gz. I then uploaded, but obviously got rejected as we see

Question: how do I get the newer, correct version of the
.orig.tar.gz into the archives (replacing the earlier version
uploaded previously that does not match upstream's)?


Kevin Coyner  GnuPG key: 1024D/8CE11941

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