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Re: dpkg compilation on Solaris

Hi Michel,

On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 15:51:15 +0100, BRIAND, Michel (EKITO) wrote:
> dpkg ported to Solaris, has problems with obstack and strlen.

Please use debian-dpkg or preferibly the BTS to discuss this kind of
thing, debian-devel is not the appropriate forum. If you could file a
bug report we can move the discussion there.

> I've seen that a recent patch converted all that stuff to libcompat.

Yes, one of the reasons for those changes was to accomodate the needed
stuff for Solaris and other systems. I've not forgotten this and
it's also on the TODO list. Will get to it before the .17 upload.

> Can you help me get this new version (I do not have git) and I need to
> go with dpkg 1.14.16.x 

You can take snapshots from the git repo from the gitweb interface:



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