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Re: Bug#446030: ITA: kbd -- Linux console font and keytable utilities

retitle 446030 ITA: kbd -- Linux console font and keytable utilities
owner 446030 !

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 01:34:47PM +0200, Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> Not only I can be a sponsor but I will be able to help with the script 
> part of the package if you need.

Great, thank you!  Retitling this report to ITA.

> However since this package is part of the core of Debian, I prefer your 
> taking over to be announced first in debian-devel (and thats why I am 
> sending my reply to debian-devel too).
> Let me remind to the readers of debian-devel that currently there are 
> two console packages in Debian -- kbd and console-tools.  Console-tools 
> has no upstream maintainer and because of this the Debian maintainer of 
> console-tools has aready tagged several bugs as non-fix.  The console 
> utilities of the installer are entirely based on kbd and not on 
> console-tools.  Because of this kbd needs to be properly maintained.

I know about kbd building a udeb, and the consequences of that, and I
think that I have enough knowledge about a maintainer’s duties to cope
with kbd’s issues.

Best regards,
Michael Schutte <m.schutte.jr@gmail.com>

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