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let's not yet hijack this package (Re: Intend to hijack xchat-xsys)

On Tue, 2008-03-11 at 22:19 -0200, UlisesVitulli wrote:
> Hi debian-devel,
> I've been talking with the maintainer[1] of xchat-xsys[2] 

Private conversation ?

> for several
> bugs

I don't see "several bugs".

> and many new upstream releases hold back on Debian, 

Two upstream releases.

grep ^v xsys-2.2.0/ChangeLog | head -n 3

Please report a bug to the bts requesting the newest upstream release to
be packaged in Debian.

> and he
> communicated me that he is not longer interested on maintaining it any
> more.

Private conversation ?

> Unfortunately, my suggestion of orphaning the pkg made no difference
> to the current maintainer, as he showed no cares at all for it.

Maybe the maintainer does not agree about orphaning ?

> With a modest popcon of 242[3] and a bug related to a dep, rendering
> the pkg in an unusable state, 

Please report this "bug related to a dep" in the bts.

> this package needs attention.

I suggest that you use the bts to document that in public.

> If there are no objections, 

I object.

> I plan to upload a new pkg 

Please follow the NMU procedure if you want to update the package
yourself.  The current "0-day NMU upload policy" might be applicable
depending on the severity of the bugs to be fixed.

> which, not only
> solves the critical bug I mentioned, 

Please report this "critical bug" in the bts.

> it incorporates about 2 years and
> a half of updates, 

Almost 2 years.  And, yes, that's a long time, giving the impression
that the maintainer is no longer interested, or at least temporarily not

> solving two bugs more listened on BTS.

If you have fixes for existing bugs in the bts, then please post the
fixes to the bts.


Bart Martens

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