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Re: Bits from the listmaster team

On Tue, Mar 04, 2008 at 03:49:30PM +0000, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Better bounce handling
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> We checked our bounce handling because we have more than 500 bounces
> for some lists, and in the process found that we didn't have working
> bounce handling for other lists (other-*, deity, *-digest,
> debian-private). There were also problems in handling and recognizing
> mailadresses containing = or ! characters.
> Bounces of debian-private subscription are still manualy handed by the
> listmasters, but we now address these issues and forward such addresses to
> da-manager@debian.org.
> To address the other mailing lists we rewrote some parts of our
> bounce handler.
> While analysing the bounces streaming in, we found that a lot of bounces
> are caused by content filters which reject listmail back to us (which
> violates the RfC). Even worse: the majority of those are false
> positives.
> To let those people know we'll implement a notification system, which
> will notify users about bounces, and remind forcibly removed users about
> their unsubscription.
> This is a service for those people with a temporarily unavailable or
> broken mailbox, so they see that they (or their provider) has a broken
> mail setup or resubscribe back to all lists after their mailaddress is
> functional again.  These notification will be sent out at a maximum of
> once a week, up to a month after the last unsubscription happened.
> Both notification systems are in testing now and will be activated
> shortly after this mail.

... and in a "do what i say, not what i do" fashion, the default sa-exim
setup (at least in etch) leads to receiving bounce notification because
of spam being rejected. 


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