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Build-Depends-Indep, gtk-doc-tools and buildds

libgda3-3 is currently FTBFS on the autobuilders but local tests check
out fine - I want to be able to close the RC bug in an NMU but I can't
reproduce the buildd error.



gtk-doc-tools is not being picked up as a build depends during port
builds, despite it being located during normal debuild, pdebuild and
pbuilder checks on my machines. (pbuilder ... --binary-arch works too).

gtk-doc-tools is in Build-Depends-Indep: in debian/control so porting
builds will (presumably) drop that depends and this setup then conflicts
with the explicit --enable-gtk-doc option in debian/rules, causing the
upstream GTK_DOC_CHECK m4 macro to fail.

There isn't much point forcing buildds to build the docs but the quick
fix would be to put gtk-doc-tools into Build-Depends instead of

Do buildds set DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS ? (i.e. wrapping --enable-gtk-docs in
"nodocs" support would help in other areas but would it allow the buildd
runs to complete?)

Is there a sane solution *and* a way to replicate this on a normal
Debian box without implementing sbuild?

(This is also holding up my own upstream work which needs a fix in this
version of libgda3-3.)


Neil Williams

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