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does yaz need hijacking ? (was Re: Bug#463116: yaz: New version of YAZ available)

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Adam Dickmeiss (upstream) wrote:
> YAZ 3.0.24 is available. All source is now covered by 'Revised BSD' -
> including the CCL module. The ziffy part has been removed (is GPL). ziffy
> be distributed separately at a later time.

  Thank you very much for your work on this point. This cleanup the licensing
issue with this sowtware.

  Can the current yaz maintainer (Eric Schwartz) says what he wants to do ?

For information :
- - libnet-z3950-zoom-perl (in the Debian perl group) depend on a new version of yaz
- - Koha (an ITP) is also waiting for a new version of yaz

- - before etch release, I made an NMU in experimental (I do not want to disturb
  the release) of yaz 2.1.48+debian.1-0.2
- - a few month ago, I remade an NMU in unstable this time (3.0.16+debian.1-0.1)
  It has been rejected due to the licensing problem. I send a mail to upstream
  that tell us that they will work on this issue.
  Of cause, for both NMU, I try to talk to Eric. I got no answer (and nothing
  appears in the BTS)
- - a few weeks later (31.12.2007), Eric made an upload of 3.0.18 (always without
  any mail explaining for examples what are his plans). Of course, ftp-master
  reject it with the same reason as my 3.0.16 NMU (and seems a little bit upset
  that Eric does not take care of the previous reject)
- - on 29.01.2008, upstream (Adam Dickmeiss) tells us that a new upstream release
  fixing licensing issue is available (#463116)
- - on 27.02.2008, a mail from the Debian External Health System (a.k.a. DEHS)
  was sent to yaz@packages.qa.debian.org talking about the new release.

  I do not want to maintain yaz if it is maintain by someone else. But several
people (including me) need a new version of yaz in Debian.

  I do not want to make yet another NMU because I fear that my work (and time)
will be lost (as Eric made a 3.0.18 release without telling anybody about it).

  So either Eric makes a new release or I will hijack this package.
There are too many changes since the 2.1.18-2 currently in Debian for an NMU
(it would be way to intrusive). I was hopping that Eric will make his maintainer
job (releasing AND communicating) but it is not the case.

  I will wait for a few weeks again. But if nothing comes from Eric, I will
hijack his package without any other mail (there have been too many not answered
at all, and nothing in the BTS)
If this happens, I will be glad to accept any other co-maintainer willing to help
on yaz packaging.

  Best regards,

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