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Re: mass ITPs

Alle 19:48, sab 1 marzo 2008, Christian Perrier ha scritto:
> If someone cares to listen: when you think about ITPing each and every
> piece of FLOSS that pops around: think about *helping* people who
> maintain existing packages instead of adding even more noise to our
> noisy bunch of various crap^W software.

Just some thoughts:
- ITPing doesn't of course mean being packaging. One can have low priority on 
an ITP, and even when, once started, one finds that software isn't worth it, 
she can decide not to package it anymore...
- Helping with packages almost always requires more skills than packaging 
simple new ones, which OTOH is good for learning.
- Yeah, at least one should package use- and featureful stuff! Anyway I don't 
see *that* much ITPs for actually “unuseful” software, relative to how much 
software enters Debian...
- There's no big evidence about where exactly help is needed!


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