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Re: Bug#468183: ITP: monkey -- small webserver based on the?HTTP/1.1 protocol

Le Saturday 01 March 2008 17:37:40 David Nusinow, vous avez écrit :
> > Basically, a package has bugs because the maintainer or upstream is not
> > reponsive/available/..., not because there are too much *choice*.
> Um. No. We have lots of people. We also have lots of software. If we lose
> some of the redundant software and keep the same number of people then we
> have more people to work on the software that requires attention. It's
> pretty simple.

So, we basically *agree* that a lot of software makes more bugs. Whoa, that's 
*a* point.

Now, unless we decide to, Debian is not meant to refuse any *new* package.
Which means that the distribution will always grow, even without redundant 

All in all, yes sure, reducing choice will give a breath and reduce load, but 
clearly, it's only postponing the issue, and giving false answers to real 

> This is, not coincidentally, one of the many reasons why so many people
> flock to Ubuntu rather than Debian.

Are you meaning to disqualify yourself with this kinds of trolls ?

Ubuntu clearly concentrate on a core set of packages, and pulls out of debian 
the others. So I'd be delighted to see how ubuntu would handle this 
diversity, and have so many users without *our* diversity.


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