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Re: Build of Paje on mipsel : what hapens ?

Vincent Danjean <vdanjean@debian.org> writes:
>   So, I've two questions:
> - can someone tell me why paje.app has not been tried on mipsel ? What
>   should I do ?

Due to kernel problems, the mips* buildds haven't been very reliable in
the past few weeks, creating a loooong backlog of packages that need to
be built. As there seems to be a workaround for the kernel bug, this
should start getting better from the weekend on. As a maintainer: Just

> - can the release team give an hint on paje.app 1.97-cvs20080110-2 so
>   that it enters testing immediately (42 days in unstable without any
>   bug, built on all architecture but mipsel (no error in this case,
>   only no try))


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