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Re: Intent to hijack pyicqt


I waited for a new version + waited for the final end of migration to google-code-base. Unfortunately I am quite busy at the moment but my intention was to get a new version ready before end of february - which was the last deadline you mentioned.

Nevertheless - I totally understand your point and hereby agree to you taking over my package - but since it is my work in the first place + due to my continuing interest in the pyicqt package I'd like to co-maintain it.

I hope you agree to that compromise.


Michal Čihař wrote:

package was only initially uploaded and then no bug fixes happened, what
lead to completely broken package which I fixed by NMU in October 2007.
Patrick promised to work on the package in December 2007 (see bug #453959 [1]), but nothing happened and I did not get any reply on my
emails since that time.

I have prepared package with new version in svn[2][3] and will upload
them next week if no objections will appear.


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