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Re: Bug#465334: ITP: speed-game -- A fast paced space-invader style arcade game


 bubulle wrote:

> We still have a few games of the nineties in the archive which make
> interesting claims such as "high speed" or "nice graphics" and would
> just seem like jokes on 21st century machines or compared to 21st
> century games..:-)'

 hm - expect that Go (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weiqi) is the most
 addictive game

 compared to my quake1 on my 20th century machine (166MMX 128MB DOS), I
 can't play any interesting today (Celeron500 256MB Lenny). I can write
 game music modules for a game wich uses a q1-like engine in DFSG-free
 environment without proprietary hw-acceleration.

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