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Re: Bug#466728: ITP: python-trio -- RDF utilities

On to, 2008-02-21 at 08:44 +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Sorry, this is precisely rationale I fight against. Just saying "if you
> don't know what this is, you don't need this" defeats the purpose of
> packages descriptions. 

I completely agree. There are lots of scenarios in which one might not
be an expert in the topic for which a package is intended, but might
still need to understand what's going on. For example:

* English is not your native language, so you actually know the stuff,
but using different words.

* You install packages for someone else.

* You have an acronym clash: the XYZ in the package is some other XYZ
than the one you know, and having a verbose package description makes
you realize this before you install the package, saving everyone some

* You're curious and want to learn about new things, so you trawl
through the Packages file in search of stuff you don't already know
about, which means you might learn about, oh, I don't know, new
programming languages or esoteric ham radio stuff.

These are not hypothetical cases; they've all happened to me. (I admit
that I use Wikipedia more often these days than the Packages file, but
hey, sometimes I'm offline.)

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