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Re: Lintian over sensitivity?

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 06:44:13PM +0200, Shachar Shemesh wrote:
>> W: fakeroot-ng: copyright-without-copyright-notice
>> N:
>> N:   The copyright file for this package does not appear to contain a
>> N:   copyright notice. You should copy the copyright notice from the
>> N:   upstream source (or add one of your own for a native package). A
>> N:   copyright notice must consist of Copyright, Copr., or the Unicode
>> N:   symbol of C in a circle followed by the years and the copyright
>> N:   holder.

> This is the copyright file:
>> Fakeroot-ng is copyrighted (C) 2007-2008 by Shachar Shemesh
>> The Debian packaging is (C) 2008, Shachar Shemesh <shachar@debian.org> and
>> is licensed under the GPL, see above.

> At least superficially, the copyright file lives up to all of the  
> requirements that lintian asks for.

No, lintian specifically mentions "the Unicode symbol of C in a circle".
(C) seems to be legally meaningless (although I would be surprised if a
judge would consider it unclear, it's better to be safe than sorry. ;-)

Also, lintian wants a statement of the form "Copyright <year> <author>".
While saying "it is copyrighted <year> <author>" seems to have the same
meaning to me, I'm not sure how lawyers think about this.  Again, better
be safe and use the standard format.

> Changing the line to read:
>> Copyright (C) 2007-2008 by Shachar Shemesh
> pacifies lintian, but I still think this is over sensitivity on its behalf.

This is about lawyer-speak.  You can never be over-sensitve with them,
because they often manage to misunderstand you in ways you wouldn't
expect. ;-)


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