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Re: Proposition: 'NMU' upload of wxwidgets 2.8


On Wed, 2008-02-13 at 00:55 +0100, Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
>  And, seeing from your signature that you're both a Debian and Ubuntu
> developer, I'd like to notice that Ubuntu doesn't seem to find
> anything
> catastrophic with shipping wx2.8 which it does since quite some time.

So Ubuntu ships wx2.8. It doesn't matter to us. The fact that Ubuntu
does ______________ is not generally considered a valid argument for
justifying that Debian does the same. Additionally, not all Ubuntu
contributors agree with all decisions made in the Ubuntu development

What you should be telling us is why we _should_ be shipping wx2.8 over
wx2.6 which is considered by many to be more proven than wx2.8. I am
sure if you can come up with valid reasons to do so (especially
identifying critical apps which require wx2.8 features is useful here),
that we will be happy to provide wx2.8.


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