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Re: [dak@ftp-master.debian.org: Processing of ip4r_1.03-1_multi.changes]

Robert Edmonds wrote:
> I uploaded these[0] files last week and expected to see a corresponding
> "ip4r_1.03-1_multi.changes is NEW" mail (due to the new binary package
> postgresql-8.3-ip4r), but one never came, nor do I see the package in
> NEW or incoming.  Where did it go?
> I uploaded the package again last night but it similarly disappeared.
> [0] http://people.debian.org/~edmonds/ip4r/

It was rejected with the following message:

Rejected: ip4r_1.03-1_multi.changes: Missing mandatory field `description'.

You should have got a REJECTED mail telling you btw.



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