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Re: Where to put idesk in Menu Structure?

Quoting Anibal Avelar (aavelar@cofradia.org):

> I can't see a suitable alternative for idesk, I think would be a good
> idea a new section called inside Screen called Toys or Hacks. For now
> the option more related could be Games/Toys but I think it isn't a
> good option because it isn't a game.
> any ideas?
> Idesk, show icons on the desktop using X11 libs

I'd say that the closest I find is:

#. Third level entry under System
#. Policy definition: Administrative and system configuration utilities,
#. also tools for personal user settings.
#. Examples: gnome-control-center, configure-debian, gksu
msgid "Administration"

So, I'd say "Applications/System/Administration"

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