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Re: Bug#464957: ITP: html-xml-utils -- manipulate HTML and XML files

Daniel Leidert wrote:
> A number of simple utilities for manipulating HTML and XML files.

Are all these intended to be command line utilities?
If so, some of them seem to have names that are extremely generic and
could therefore easily lead to confusion.

The following I find most problematic in that regard:
> cite       - replace bibliographic references by hyperlinks
> count      - count elements and attributes in HTML or XML files files
> extract    - extract selected elements
> incl       - expand included HTML or XML files
> index      - create an alphabetically sorted index
> normalize  - pretty-print an HTML file
> num        - number section headings in an HTML file
> pipe       - convert XML to a format easier to parse with Perl or AWK
> toc        - insert a table of contents in an HTML file
> unpipe     - convert output of pipe back to XML format
> wls        - list links in an HTML file
> xref       - generate cross-references
> xselect    - extract elements that match a(CSS) selector

I would suggest renaming them by adding a suitable prefix.


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