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Binaries with the same name

Hi *,
some time ago I've made an ITP for gnome-translate [1], which depends on
libtranslate, who already had two ITPs which I took over [2].
This latter package provides some binary packages, among which there is
"libtranslate-bin", which installs a "translate" executable
in /usr/bin/. But there already exist a /usr/bin/translate, and it's provided
by the "translate" package, maintained by Anibal Monsalve Salazar <anibal>.
I've already filed a bug against his package to see what to do [3].

The problem is that "translate" by <anibal> does only de<->en translations,
while "my" translate offers a wider range of options and conversions (and it's
expandable, through a XML configuration file). Thus I don't believe that using
the alternatives system (which, I admit, I cannot use, since I never needed it
for my packages) would be a suitable solution. This is way I suggested him to
rename his binary to something less generic than "translate".

Is this the Right Way to behave? And what if <anibal> doesn't reply to that
bug? Should I file my RFS nevertheless, thus expecting a RC bug filed? Should I
rename my binary (and to what? "translate-generic"?!)?

Any suggestion/idea/* is very welcome.


[1] #462936
[2] #292907 and #418329
[3] #464034

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