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Re: Bug#464169: ITP: vagalume -- A GTK+-based Last.fm client

Quoting Alberto Garcia (agarcia@igalia.com):
> On Wed, Feb 06, 2008 at 05:57:21PM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > > > "graphical GTK+-based client for Last.fm media service"
> > > Is it necessary to say it's graphical provided that it's based on
> > > GTK+?
> > "GTK+" is jargon..:-)
> Then we'd need to change quite a few package descriptions :-)

Yes. Most package description aren't really great and forget that they
should be targeted for end users. The Developers Reference gives
numerous hints about the Right Way to write package descriptions (and
not only when it makes recommendations about syntax)

> $ dpkg -l | grep -i gtk
> Not to mention all other packages with similar technical words in
> their descriptions: ncurses, Qt, PHP, etc.
> Also, if a user doesn't know what GTK+ is, he/she probably won't
> expect a radio player being non-graphical ...
> There are very few non-graphical Last.fm clients around, Vagalume is
> not special for that :)

Let me clarify.

Saying that something is GTK-based is probably meaningful for the
average geek. It means nothing for the average user. This is what I
call jargon.

Our package descriptions should help all users to answer the simple
questions "what is this package good for?" and "Do I need this

Being GTK-based is not the most important mention for this ad we
shouldn't assume that everybody knows that it means "graphical" or

That doesn't necessarily mean to *remove* GTK (it has some meaning for
some of our users....and some even decide whether a package is good
for them, based on this)...but we shouldn't assume this is *enough*.

(not to mention debtags, by the way)

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