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Re: unknown-field-in-control homepage

On 06/02/2008 Russ Allbery wrote:
> > I'm not sure whether this is an issue with dpkg or rather with lintian,
> > but if I check the cryptsetup deb+udeb packages after building them,
> > lintian reports that udebs don't allow the Homepage field in
> > debian/control.
> This is what I was told by (a d-i maintainer | someone who was willing to
> express an opinion).  I'm happy to change lintian if having Homepage in
> udeb is deemed acceptable.  Otherwise, dpkg should probably be modified to
> not propagate Homepage fields into udebs.


I raised this issue on #debian-boot (irc), and was told that the
concerns by "(a d-i maintainer | someone who was willing to express an
opinion" were correct. Frans Pop from the debian-installer team verified
that the Homepage field should not be included in the udeb:

20:11 < mejo> fjp: did you see Russ's response to my question regarding
              Homepage Field in udebs?
20:11 < mejo> fjp: i mean on debian-devel@lists.d.o
20:12 < fjp> mejo: Please file a bug against dpkg-dev.
20:14 < fjp> mejo: Russ is correct: we don't want the homepage field in
             the control file of udebs

If nobody has any objections, i'll follow Frans' advice and file a bug
against dpkg-dev.


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