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shlibs vs symbols?

Hi all,

I was reviewing a library package RFS (libthai) and I noticed that the
shlibs pointed at version X and all the symbols in the symbols file
pointed at an earlier version. Here I assume that the shlibs should be
changed to point to the earlier version?

Then I had a look at the 26 (out of ~5944) library packages on my system
using symbols and found similar things:

libffi4: shlibs 4.3, symbols max 4.2.1
libaa1: shlibs 1.2, symbols all 1.4p5
libgomp1: shlibs 4.3, symbols max 4.2.1
libgpewidget1: shlibs no version, symbols max 0.115 min 0.88
libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0: shlibs 0.10.17, symbols max 0.10.16
libgstreamer0.10-0: same as ^^
libgtkspell0: shlibs 2.0.2, symbols all 2.0.10
libogg0: shlibs 1.1.3, symbols max 1.1.0, 2 removed symbols 
libqof-backend-qsf0: shlibs no version, symbols all 0.7.3, changelog goes way back
libqof1: shlibs no version, symbols all 0.7.2, changelog goes way back
libtheora0: shlibs no version, symbols min 0.0.0.alpha7.dfsg-1.1 max 1.0~beta1-1
libvorbisenc2: shlibs 1.2.0.dfsg, symbols all 1.1.2

Am I correct in thinking that either the shlibs or the symbols for some
of these are wrong?

If so, I guess I should file wishlist bugs for lintian tests for some of
these situations?  Like shlibs too cautious, shlibs too relaxed, symbols
not produced from enough versions.

Also, does mole use packages from oldstable or the morgue or
snapshot.d.n to create the symbols file it distributes?



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