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Re: Proposal: Alternatives: field for debian/control

William Pitcock wrote:
> Hi,
> There's a lot of packages in Debian which do the same basic thing, but
> slightly differently. Having an Alternatives: field would be nice for
> listing alternative packages which package maintainers may find useful
> to try if the user does not like how the package they are installing
> behaves.
> As for the interface, I think that this would be useful and intuitive:
> # apt-get install ircd-irc2
> ..
> The following NEW packages will be installed:
>  ircd-irc2
> The following packages are alternatives to the packages being installed:
>  inspircd ircd-ircu ircd-hybrid ircd-ratbox
> This would especially be useful for when people install a virtual
> package, so that they can get an overview of what other options are
> available.
I don't think that this a good idea. You can use aptitude show
virtual-package to see which packages provide the virtual package.
We also have Suggests:, which is (sometimes) used for listing alternative

> William

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