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Re: Adding Install-Architecture to debian/control

Russ Allbery wrote:
>> Such a field would allow us to make packages like ndisgtk arch-indep,
>> while installing them only into the architectures specified in
>> Install-Architecture.

make your package arch all and request an entry in p-a-s; given that
p-a-s maintainers react timely, there's imho no need for an extra
control field to dublicate that information.

> This would be useful for kernel module source that will only build on a
> subset of the architectures that Debian supports as well.

that would be very painful. module-source tarballs need to stay
available on all architectures; the conglomeration package maintains
where its binary modules are built or not. for everyone else it shoudn't
matter if they have the module-source in their package indices or not.

assumed there would be a control field to restrict that to a subset of
architectures, the module-source would need a sourceful upload from the
maintainer *as well* as the change in the conglomeration package if the
archs are changing. this happens all the time, and it's already not easy
to get each maintainer preparing their modules for a new kernel release,
adding such a huge, slow and useless layer of buerocracy makes
conglomeration packages unmaintainable.

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