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Re: linux-kernel-headers???

First of all, linux-kernel-headers has been replaced by linux-libc-dev.

Ok. But linux-kernel-headers is still a virtual package. Isn't it?

But either way, the answer is the same: those packages install them in /usr/include, which is unpacked and accessible to any program being compiled. linux-source-2.6.* (AFAIK) is not unpacked by default, and even when it is unpacked, the headers are not accessible under /usr/include.

linux-source-2.6.* is not unpacked by default (at least on my system). If it was the case, a symlink from /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.*/include to /usr/include/linux wouldn't do the trick? Mmmhhh... maybe /usr/include/linux must point to the headers which were used to compile glibc?

Thank you.


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