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changing the default syslog daemon for lenny?


Debian Edu will be switching its syslog for Lenny and as we want to differ the 
least possible from Debian, we are wondering, what the default syslog will be 
in Lenny. 

The main reason is that we need/want to configure syslogd via debconf (or any 
other policy complient way) for remote logging and the sysklogd maintainer 
doesn't want to provide it. See #370339 for details.

So we decided to switch to syslog-ng for now. 

On the #debian-release channel some people claimed, that syslog-ng is not a 
drop-in replacement, while other said so. I don't know :) Please explain 
here. Other options would be rsyslog (which Fedora is using, see 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/FeatureRsyslog) or msyslog. 

Obviously Debian could also continue to use sysklogd. 

Oh, and btw, I suggest to change the default for new installations and to keep 
whatever is installed on upgrades to Lenny.


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