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Re: debconf best practices: how to ask for a password?

Quoting Francois Marier (francois@debian.org):
> (Please CC me on your replies)
> What is the best way to ask for a password in a debconf prompt?

Not a direct answer but jumping in the train as it is passing in front
of me (hint: Frenglish probability high in this sentence).

I still dream of someone working on a nice "debconf-common" package
which would include some code and common debconf templates for such
common operations....like prompting for a password, confirming it and
warn users when both don't match.

Of course, there could then be more such common templates for other
very generic stuff.

The initial idea would be sharing the *wording* and maybe go further
and share some code.

The common templates could then be used with the nice (and underused)
debconf REGISTER command. See dbconfig-common for an implementation.

Anyone feeling like trying to start such package?

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