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Re: Bug#460504: dh_desktop/dh_icons madness

On dim, 2008-01-13 at 13:49 +0000, Sune Vuorela wrote:
> Please get out of your extreme gnomecentered world.
> KDE isn't using the icon caches.

I wonder why the KDE developers are participating in freedesktop if they
don’t use the specifications they helped writing.

> KDE4 is using its own pr user dynamic icon caching mechanism.

> KDE is jumping thru the hoops for us so we don't have to do it in the
> packages.

> It takes around 2 seconds and is done as needed in KDE to update its
> database and is a pr user thingy also run in the background on login and
> on first launch of a kde program.

Building caches at the user level for system stuff doesn’t sound like a
good design. Fontconfig stepped back from it some time ago, and I hope
KDE will do the same.

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