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Re: Wrong Architecture for openhackware

On Sat, Jan 12, 2008 at 06:47:53PM +0100, Roland Stigge wrote:
Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
   * Error out if the toolchain used to build is not powerpc-linux-gnu.
     (Closes: #322300, #339870)

Again, I don't agree here (backed by p2): The package is wrong if it
asserts that it's "Architecture: all". It contains powerpc specific
stuff and can only be built on (i.e. for) that architecture. Therefore,
it should be "Architecture: powerpc".

Workarounds like an error on wrong toolchain architecture are wrong
(there is an error anyway if you try to build on !powerpc).

openhackware is needed by qemu on all architectures for powerpc emulation. It's not acceptable to make it Architecture: powerpc because that defeats the purpose. I should be able to use qemu-ppc on any architecture, and for that I need openhackware.

p2's explanation fails because it assumes that openhackware belongs on the target system, which is not the case. It needs to be installed on the host system; that is, the one that qemu-ppc is running on. I can't install the powerpc package unless I can boot the target system, which I can't do without the package. The only system I could then install openhackware on would likely be one with Open Firmware already on it, which makes the package useless.

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