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Re: Correct spelling/capitalisation of project names

Raphael Geissert wrote:
> Some weeks ago I noticed that some package descriptions incorrectly spell
> some project names, mainly because of capitalisation.
> For example GNOME is being spelt in some packages as Gnome, or simply gnome,
> when its right spelling: GNOME. Other project names such as Debian, KDE and
> Linux aren't being correctly capitalised.

I can't help but roll my eyes at this. There are so many valid reasons
to write "linux", "debian", or even "gnome" or "xerox"^W"kde". You can find
some good in examples in the descriptions of devscripts and debhelper 
("debian/", "debian package") which do not refer to a proper name and so
don't need to be capitalised.

> Neil Williams has requested me on #456495 to seek a concensus on this
> subject, hence the reason of this message.

Good luck!


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