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Re: reporting BTS spam easily from Mutt

Am 8.1.2008 schrieb "Javier Fernandez-Sanguino" <jfs@computer.org>:

>I do not suggest you report automatically, as you will not review
>false positives.

That wasn't my plan; acutally listmasters strongly discourage from doing
so. Problem was, that I sorted spam to one directory, and was to lazy,
to dig out where I got it from, so I didn't reported it, but ...

> I actually put spam (as scored by SA) coming from the
>BTS or mailing list in different folders (through procmail) and then
>bounce those, after manually reviewing them, using a muttrc hook.

... sorting it into different directories would solve my problem, too. 
Thanks :)

Yours sincerely,
  Alexander, still being holiday lazy

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