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Re: Faster shutdown and the ubuntu "multiuser" update-rc.dextention

On Fri, Jan 04, 2008 at 06:43:54PM +0000, Joe Smith wrote:
> "Josselin Mouette" <joss@debian.org> wrote in message 
> [🔎] 1199470514.4357.107.camel@shizuru">news:[🔎] 1199470514.4357.107.camel@shizuru...
> >>Ubuntu discovered this a while back, and introduced a method to avoid
> >>calling stop scripts in runlevel 0 and 6.  It is the "multiuser"
> >>extension to update-rc.d, and in Ubuntu packages are changed to calls
> >>dh_installinit with '-- multiuser' as an argument to enable it.  This
> >>add the "multiuser" argument (instead of to the "default" argument) to
> >>update-rc.d, which go on and set up the boot sequence without
> >>references to the script in runlevel 0 and 6.  This can be done
> >>without such extention, and how is the topic of the rest of my email.
> >
> >Frankly I couldn’t imagine a worse idea to fix this problem.
> >
> >Many daemons will corrupt their state if they aren’t killed cleanly.
> >Leaving them a grace time is actually worse than simply cutting the
> >power, because you can be sure the daemon is actually writing some data
> >at the moment you kill it.
> Really. First AIUI most of the candidates for this already do something 

  Most is not all. Some (many ?) daemons have proper shutdown sequence
based on control sockets e.g. Or on SIG*TERM*s and not KILL.
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