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Re: Bug#458819: ITP: nettee -- a network "tee" program

"Joel Franco" <joel.franco@gmail.com> wrote in message news:20080103022830.20409.13689.reportbug__20866.6096943945$1199328704$gmane$org@netuno.oryon...
Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Joel Franco <joel.franco@gmail.com>

* Package name    : nettee
 Version         : 0.1.8
 Upstream Author : David Mathog <mathog@caltech.edu>
* URL             : http://saf.bio.caltech.edu/nettee.html
* License         : GPL
 Programming Lang: C
 Description     : a network "tee" program

It can typically transfer data between N nodes at (nearly) the full
bandwidth provided by the switch which connects them.  It is handy for
cloning nodes or moving large database files.

Out of curiosity, besides being a bit easier to remember/type,
and not requiring the user to choose a port,
what benefits over combining normal tee and netcat does it have?

for example:
On A:  nettee -in IMAGE -next B -v 31  #full logging
On B:  nettee -next C >/dev/hda
On C:  nettee -next D >/dev/hda
On D:  nettee -next E >/dev/hda
On E:  nettee -next F >/dev/hda
On F:  nettee         >/dev/hda

AFAICT, that could be done more or less equivlently as
On A: nc -q0 B 12345 <IMAGE
On B: nc -l 12345 | tee >(nc -q0 C 12345) >/dev/hda

On C: nc -l 12345 | tee >(nc -q0 D 12345) >/dev/hda

On D: nc -l 12345 | tee >(nc -q0 E 12345) >/dev/hda

On E: nc -l 12345 | tee >(nc -q0 F 12345) >/dev/hda

On F: nc -l 12345 >/dev/hda

(Some stdout redirections to /dev/null could be added, so stdin on the reciving does not come out as stdout on the sending end.)

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