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Re: Producing multiple -dbg packages using CDBS

Nicolas CANIART <nicolas.caniart@labri.fr> wrote:
>  I would like to know if someone could point me out the way one can
> produce more than one -dbg package using CDBS ? (a package doing that
> or some doc)
>  The changelog says it is possible as of version 0.4.38, but does not
> provides any hints on how.

To control more finely which debug symbols go where, in particular if you want
to build more than one debug package, there are variables
DEB_DBG_PACKAGE_package that specify the debug package target for each
individual binary package. An example usage would be:

DEB_DBG_PACKAGE_libfoo4 = libfoo-dbg
DEB_DBG_PACKAGE_foo-bin = foo-bin-dbg

cu andreas
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