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ITP: jsjac -- JavaScript Jabber Client Library

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Marcelo Jorge Vieira (metal) <metal@alucinados.com>

* Package name   : jsjac
  Version        : 1.2.1
  Upstream Author: Stefan Strigler <steve@zeank.in-berlin.de>
* URL            : http://zeank.in-berlin.de/jsjac
* License        : LGPL
  Description    : JavaScript Jabber Client Library

  JSJaC is a jabber client library written in JavaScript to ease implementation
  of web based jabber clients. For communication with a jabber server it needs
  to support either HTTP Polling or HTTP Binding. JSJaC has an object oriented
  design which should be quite easy to use. Communication is done by using the
  XML HTTP Request object also refered to as AJAX technology. Your browser must
  support this.

Marcelo Jorge Vieira (metal)
metaldot - http://metaldot.alucinados.com
jabber - metal@jabber-br.org

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