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Producing multiple -dbg packages using CDBS


  I would like to know if someone could point me out the way one can
produce more than one -dbg package using CDBS ? (a package doing that
or some doc)
  The changelog says it is possible as of version 0.4.38, but does not
provides any hints on how. And having a look at the CDBS debhelper.mk
file was no that inspiring. I found a trick the does the work, but its
just a trick.

Thanks in advance,

Nicolas CANIART              | PhD. Student
LaBRI, Domaine Universitaire | Room :  378
351, Cours de la Libération  | Phone : +33 (0)540 003 511
F-33405 Talence CEDEX        | e-mail: nicolas.caniart@labri.fr

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