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Writing shlibs for unversioned libraries

Hi all,
I'm packaging the new upstream version of gthumb and, since I'm adopting it,
I'm changing a bit the structure of the package to make it cleaner.

One thing I've come across is that gthumb install a library, libgthumb.so.
Unfortunately, this library is unversioned (objdump -p libgthumb.so | grep
SONAME gives simply "libgthumb.so"), and I'm not able to write a proper shlibs

In fact, I've used:

libgthumb.so gthumb

but it's obviously missing a version number. I've also tried:

libgthumb gthumb

but it didn't work either.

I don't want to override the lintian warnings:

E: gthumb: shlib-missing-in-control-file libgthumb.so for usr/lib/libgthumb.so
W: gthumb: unused-shlib-entry-in-control-file libgthumb gthumb
W: gthumb: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libgthumb

because this sounds plain wrong (only the last one might be acceptable).

Any idea on how to continue?


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