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dput uploads using HTTP/PUT and 15 seconds delays

Fellow earthicans...

you may remember that I'm working on a refactoring of the
mentors.debian.net site. Currently there are many processes involved
which makes maintaining the whole application a bit confusing. So I
thought it would be great if uploads could be sent to the web
application directly through HTTP PUT. At least "dput" supports that and
it worked well when I tested that. I used these settings in my

    fqdn = localhost:5000/upload
    method = http
    allow_unsigned_uploads = 0
    run_dinstall = 0
    progress_indicator = 2
    login = haas@debian.org
    incoming = .

However when I wanted to enforce authentication I encountered strange 15
seconds delays between the uploads of the files. It happens between
sending the DSC and the ORIG.TAR.GZ file and between the DIFF.GZ and the
DEB file but not between the ORIG.TAR.GZ and the DIFF.GZ file. Look at
my server log file (delays are marked as blank lines):

21:04:17,897 DEBUG  Auth-Header: None
21:04:17,897 DEBUG  ABORT 401 !
21:04:17,917 DEBUG  Auth-Header: Basic ZW1haWxAY2hyaXN0b3BoLWhhYXMuZGU6YXNkZg==
21:04:17,919 INFO   File 'cream_0.39-1.dsc' received
21:04:17,945 DEBUG  Auth-Header: None
21:04:17,946 DEBUG  ABORT 401 !

21:04:33,351 DEBUG  Auth-Header: Basic ZW1haWxAY2hyaXN0b3BoLWhhYXMuZGU6YXNkZg==
21:04:33,423 INFO   File 'cream_0.39.orig.tar.gz' received
21:04:33,434 DEBUG  Auth-Header: None
21:04:33,434 DEBUG  ABORT 401 !
21:04:33,456 DEBUG  Auth-Header: Basic ZW1haWxAY2hyaXN0b3BoLWhhYXMuZGU6YXNkZg==
21:04:33,459 INFO   File 'cream_0.39-1.diff.gz' received
21:04:33,489 DEBUG  Auth-Header: None
21:04:33,489 DEBUG  ABORT 401 !

21:04:48,255 DEBUG  Auth-Header: Basic ZW1haWxAY2hyaXN0b3BoLWhhYXMuZGU6YXNkZg==
21:04:48,327 INFO   File 'cream_0.39-1_all.deb' received
21:04:48,333 DEBUG  Auth-Header: None
21:04:48,333 DEBUG  ABORT 401 !
21:04:48,371 DEBUG  Auth-Header: Basic ZW1haWxAY2hyaXN0b3BoLWhhYXMuZGU6YXNkZg==
21:04:48,373 INFO   File 'cream_0.39-1_i386.changes' received

These delays do not occur if I do not enforce authentication. So it must
be something with the urllib2 and password handling probably. I know
Python but can't find the bug in /usr/share/dput/http.py. It would be
nice if someone could help find the cause.

I had mailed shorty and ross already but didn't get a reply yet. In fact
my mail to ross even returned:

    <shorty@debian.org>: host master.debian.org[] said: 550
    user account locked (in reply to RCPT TO command)

email@christoph-haas.de  www.workaround.org   JID: chrish@jabber.workaround.org
gpg key: 79CC6586         fingerprint: 9B26F48E6F2B0A3F7E33E6B7095E77C579CC6586

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