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Re: Bug#457384: ITP: netsend -- a speedy filetransfer and network diagnostic program

* brian m. carlson | 2007-12-23 14:26:34 [+0000]:

>Also, madvise(2) is apparently BSD, and even if it's not, it can be 
>substituted with posix_madvise(2).  So if splice is the only system call 
>that isn't portable, it should probably be easy to port.

You scratch the surface! It isn't simple madvice() and splice(): it starts with
TCP_INFO and will end will with obscure[tm] sendfile() flags. Anyway: netsend is
optimized especially for Linux. The FreeBSD network stack works quite well, no
doubt, but we focus on Linux. Thats the name of the game.

So you are right: netsend should be limited in arch.

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