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Re: Bug#457473: ITP: extended_threading -- Extension of the python threading api

Hi Steve,

> I've seen this a several times lately (both explicitly, as here, and
> in response to suggestions), and I'd like to speak against it: One of
> key points of the ITP is to allow others to correct and/or improve the
> descriptions before initial package upload and before others waste time
> translating them. Is it really asking too much that a maintainer spend
> 10 minutes writing a actual description before posting the ITP? You're
> going to have to do it eventually, why not now? Is there some sort of
> fierce competition in ITPs that I'm unaware of?

This is what I feel about it: ITP should be filled the moment you'd
like to package a piece of software, so you're not supposed to know it
in deep; thus, the long description (that describes what the package
does) can be rewritten during packaging phase.

I've simply cut&pasted what's on pypi webpage, noting that during
packaging it will be rewritten to adhere to my "way of writing" and
better describe the pkg; that's it. Moreover, I've seen *many* itp
without even a single word in long description (or with the template
sentence): they do not give any additional clue to us then the short
description, here at least you have an "idea" of what's in the

Anyway, if Steve's suggestion is a shared feeling, I try to spend more
time in ITP long description as done in this one, and here it is an
"extended" :) version of long desc:

This python module is designed to add some features to python's threading
environment; specifically
 - inheritance (subclassing) of locks
 - debugging utility
 - timeouts with locks
 - locks with both exclusive and non-exclusive characteristics
 - read/write mode lock (write locks are exclusive, read locks are not)
 - "safe" object based locks to help debug lock code.


PS: I don't what to be polemic or so :)

Sandro Tosi (aka morph, Morpheus, matrixhasu)
My website: http://matrixhasu.altervista.org/

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