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Re: [saintiss@gmx.net: Bug#411639: x11-common: There should be a way to set per-user environment variables which last the whole X session]

On Sun, Dec 16, 2007 at 10:29:33AM -0500, David Nusinow wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>    I'd appreciate some brief commentary on this bug from people who are
> more aware of the minutia of shells and so forth than I am. Is this really
> accurate, or is there a way that the submitter and myself are unaware of
> for setting these? There's a simple patch attached to this bug report that
> I'll apply if this feature is really missing. Thank you!
> It seems to me that an extra file similar to /etc/X11/Xsession.d/30x11-common_xresources
> would be an interesting option. This file should source a certain file
> in the user's home dir (e.g. ~/.xprofile ?) in such a way that all
> variable declarations there are exported to the whole X session which
> shall be launched by another Xsession.d script.

I am for this change.

This is excelent help for Japanese-Chinese-Korean-Indic-... people who
needs to start special user variable and key input helper programs.

This functionality can be used not just " a way to set per-user
environment variables" but also includes "a way to start up of daemon
process :-)" without using desktop specific way like ~/.gnomerc.

As I see:


I got enough bug reports on 80im-switch not preserving environment
variable.  In the retrospective, overiding 55gnome-session_gnomerc was
the root cause.  When documenting this feature for
30x11-common_xresources, you may want to mention that ~/.gnomerc sourced
by 55gnome-session_gnomerc will overide this setting by


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