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Re: Bug#456599: ITP: dvtm -- Tiling window management for the console

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
What would be the advantage i get by switching to your code?

  Well if recent rote support multi byte encodings and have fixed their
handling of colors for rote launched inside rote, probably not a lot.

The color issue is probably still present.

  I think I understand a different set of escape sequences though, as I
chose 'rxvt' as a terminal to emulate, which has a nice _short_ list of
capabilities, so that it's even less likely that applications that I
host would send me escape sequences I don't get.

  I think rote uses 'screen' by default, and this is a bad choice (like
xterm would be) because applications assert a _lot_ of things when $TERM
has this value.

Rote set's $TERM to 'linux'.

  Oh and I support terminal resizing, which last time I checked rote
didn't. And for a tiling WM, that helps a lot ;)

Yep it helps a lot, that's why i have implemented it:


Anyway if time permits i will probably take a closer look at your modifications but for now i am fine with rote.


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