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Re: Bug#455730: ITP: lua-peg -- Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua

Enrico Tassi <gareuselesinge@debian.org> writes:
>    Package name: lua-peg
>         Version: 0.7
> Upstream Author: Roberto Ierusalimschy <roberto@inf.puc-rio.br>
>             URL: http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/~roberto/lpeg.html
>         License: MIT/X
>     Description: 
>       LPeg is a new pattern-matching library for Lua, based on Parsing

I think it's going to cause a lot of confusion if you call this package
"lua-peg" -- _everybody_ knows it as "lpeg"...

[But it's definitely a great thing to package....:-]


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