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Re: Unmet dependencies on Sparc when building wordnet and fslview

(dropping Andreas from Cc, never asked for being put in Cc.)

On 11/12/2007, Michael Hanke wrote:
> http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?&pkg=fslview&ver=3.0%2B4.0.2-2&arch=sparc&stamp=1195437172&file=log

That was 22 days ago. Things evolved in the meanwhile, packages get
built, uploaded, etc.

> it says:
> The following packages have unmet dependencies:
>   libqwt-dev: Depends: libqwt4c2 (= 4.2.0-4) but it is not going to be installed
>               Depends: libqt3-mt-dev but it is not going to be installed
>   libvtk5-qt3-dev: Depends: libvtk5-qt3 but it is not going to be installed
>   qt3-apps-dev: Depends: libqt3-mt-dev but it is not going to be installed
> E: Broken packages

According to edos, for unstable/sparc:
libqwt-dev:      is installable
libvtk5-qt3-dev: is installable
qt3-apps-dev:    is installable

Asking for a give-back as explained in my first mail should do (in case
no other B-D got uninstallable in the meanwhile).

> Sparc is the only architecture that fails to build and I cannot easily
> see the reason. All packages mentioned above seem to be available for
> sparc.

They used not to be.

> I'd be glad if somebody could confirm that this is actually the
> problem and what caused it in the first place.

Either the architecture was behind for some reason. Or you weren't
lucky, considering the order in which the packages were built, and foo
was lacking bar to be installed, while bar was to be tried after foo,
and foo wasn't given back.

(bar not being installable is usually a bar-dev available because of
being Arch: all, depending on bar at the same version, not built yet,
thus the uinstallable package.)

The automation of such give-backs has been tested on some unofficial
architectures for some days.


Cyril Brulebois

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