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Re: Proposalto introduce compiler options passed from dpkg-buildpackage

On ke, 2007-12-05 at 21:11 +0100, Matthias Klose wrote:
> IIRC we cannot assume that debian/rules is a makefile and pass them as
> macros directly, so we have to pass them as environment variables.

Debian Policy, 4.9, "Main building script: debian/rules":

        This file must be an executable makefile
So I think we can assume things.

Since I happened to have the etch/main sources lying around unpacked on
a hard disk (don't ask), I ran a quick scan for the first lines of
debian/rules files:

      1 #! /bin/sh
      1 #!/bin/sh -e
      1 #!/usr/bin/make -ef
    403 #! /usr/bin/make -f
     13 #! /usr/bin/make -f 
      1 #!/usr/bin/make  -f 
   9876 #!/usr/bin/make -f
     17 #!/usr/bin/make -f 
      1 #!/usr/bin/make -f               
      4 #!/usr/bin/make -f 
      2 #!/usr/bin/make -f 
      1 #! /usr/bin/make -rf

That's two packages that use /bin/sh, everything else uses make.

The two packages in question are leave and webserver-package, and as it
turns out, the latter is a false positive, since my grepping for
debian/rules found a file that wasn't a real debian/rules file. So, only
one package in etch/main uses something not a makefile for debian/rules.

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