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Triaging bugs


        I think I am coming up on a period where I have time again to
 devote to Debian, and am beginning to start to triage some policy bugs,
 to chime in and help out russ, who has mostly been carrying the torch
 the last few months.

        Following his example, I have created usecategories to help me
 triage the policy issue, and  be more efficient while working on the
 policy package; and I figured that if I share it with y'all maybe I
 could sucker^H^H^H^H^H^Hentice afew people to pitch in help move the
 process along.

        Once we have some experience working with this, and figuring out
 the right granularity of the categories, perhaps we'll create a
 debian-policy@lists.debian.org usercategory for the official state of
 the policy  process.

        So, here is my classification of policy issues, with the
 unclassified bugs bubbling to the top. Enjoy.


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