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Re: adding user to package-forreign group


On Donnerstag, 29. November 2007, Micha Lenk wrote:
> chipcard daemon out. The author of the driver package dislikes to change
> the name of the group "cyberjack" for rather historical reasons.

Just a clarification: I'm maintaining the Linux driver source for Reiner SCT 
and I'm responsible for their Linux support.

We are using the group "cyberjack" for quite some time now in order to keep 
the amount of support requests low. Early versions of the driver used many 
different groups depending on the system and the reader (uucp, dialout etc) 
and in order to decrease the support volume we simplified it to a single 
group (->cyberjack).

Consequently most documentation on the internet about the cyberjack driver 
states that the user who is to access the reader should be added to the 
group "cyberjack". If we were to change that name now the number of support 
requests would rise (in part because of the ambigous information a user finds 
in case of a change).

While that's something I could personally live with if it were my own project 
I can't propose this to Reiner SCT without a convincing argument (because 
Reiner SCT would have to pay for the additional support).

I would however gladly change the name of the group to a commonly used name, 
e.g. a name which is used by multiple chipcard projects (e.g. PC/SC, OpenCT, 
Libchipcard etc) if such a group name existed. It could be something 
straightforward like "chipcard" or "smartcard" or whatever.

It has also been proposed that readers get assigned to the group "users". 
However, I don't like granting access to such a device to every user per se, 
because in the end the reader is a security related device. Also, if any user 
would be able to access the reader directly he would most likely interfere 
with already running services (like OpenCT, PC/SC, Libchipcard).

I remember discussing these issues with the people from those projects but 
unfortunately without a result, so we are still using the name "cyberjack" 
for Reiner SCT Cyberjack readers.

Martin Preuss

"Things are only impossible until they're not"

Martin Preuss - http://www.aquamaniac.de/
AqBanking - http://www.aqbanking.de/
LibChipcard - http://www.libchipcard.de/

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