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Re: Bug#453434: ITP: pgloader -- loads flat data files into PostgreSQL


Sorry about bad filled report, it was my first attempt to use reportbug (after 
a failure of M-x debian-bug-intend-to-package). In fact I'm the main 
developer of the tool (pgloader), made the packaging and already am in touch 
with a debian developper for sponsorship!

Le Thursday 29 November 2007 19:32:43 Micha Lenk, vous avez écrit :
> For which values of x, y, and z?
> You should specify the version here.

First to enter debian will be 2.2.5~dev-1, or 2.2.5 if ready by the time I get 
the packaging completely right :)

> >   Upstream Author : Name <somebody@example.org>
> You should provide real data about the upstream author here.

Dimitri Fontaine <dim@tapoueh.org>, as in --email option and subsequent 
rebortbug screens.

> > * URL             : http://www.example.org/
> You should provide a real URL here, i.e. the URL where you downloaded
> pgloader from.

The URL where it is available to download is the following:

> > * License         : (GPL, LGPL, BSD, MIT/X, etc.)
> Under which license is pgloader published?


> >   Programming Lang: (C, C++, C#, Perl, Python, etc.)
> Please investigate the languages really used and provide the information
> here.


> >   Description     : loads flat data files into PostgreSQL
> >
> >  pgloader imports data from a flat file and insert it into a database
> >  table. It uses a flat file per database table, and you can configure as
> >  many Sections as you want, each one associating a table name and a data
> >  file.
> >  .
> >  Data are parsed and rewritten, then given to PostgreSQL COPY command.
> >  Parsing is necessary for dealing with end of lines and eventual trailing
> >  separator characters, and for column reordering: your flat data file may
> >  not have the same column order as the databse table has.
> IMHO you can ommit the second paragraph. It explains implementation
> details which in this case aren't important for the question whether a
> administrator/user wants to install this package or not.

Fair enough, will shorten the long description entry from debian/control.

Thanks for reviewing this ITP,

I decry the current  tendency to seek  patents on algorithms.    There
are better ways to  earn a living  than to  prevent other  people from
making use of one's contributions to computer science.
  -- D. E. Knuth

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